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Langogo Genesis翻訳機、海外のYouTuberから大好評

高機能なスマート翻訳機Langogo Genesisは、104言語の翻訳をサポートするなどその優れた機能で旅行時の翻訳機としてだけでなく、会議の記録ツールとしても使えます。リアルタイム文字起こしも104言語をサポート。録音が終わると、音声ファイルを編集可能なテキストにスピード変換。効率よく記録することができます。 






Langogo Genesis Wins a Good Reputation from Internet Celebrities

Langogo Genesis is a smart translator supporting real-time translation for 104 languages. With excellent functions, it not only serves as an AI translator during a trip, but an intelligent tool for recording in conferences. It provides efficient recording including real-time recording and transcription of 104 languages and quick transcription of recordings to editable scripts.

The overseas sales of Langogo Genesis has exceeded 30,000 units since it was on sale in October 2018. It is also highly recommended by more than 50 YouTube Internet celebrities.

In the video, this American Internet celebrity was asking the way using Langogo Genesis. The video has got over 10,000 hits and been watched 280,000 times.

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The traveler and blogger Alun said in his video, “Traveling alone usually faces language barriers. Although the difficulties in communication are really tiresome, especially in Japan or South Korea, Langogo Genesis would help you out of this problem.”This video has been watched 42,000 times.

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Another Internet celebrity Huzi praised Langogo Genesis as the most advanced translator in the world.

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Currently, Langogo Genesis has been on sale at of the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Japan and the US. Search it at for more details.